I am continuing to train for a further ascent of Mont Ventoux in the coming weeks so my Tuesday ride took me over the hills past Javon and down to Sault. As ever the first glimpse of Ventoux with the lavender in full bloom always makes the heart skip a beat!


From Sault I continued heading North through the small village of Aurel and passing Reilhanette on my left, then  descending to the village of Montbrun Les Bain, a typical perched village famous for its Spa baths.


After a whistle stop cycle around the village and coffee stop I started the climb back to Ferrassiere and then onto Sault. The 360 degree views at the top of  endless lavender fields some of which were just about to be harvested was spectacular .


The ride was 90 kilometres from St Saturnin and took just under four hours plus stopping time! It’s a wonderful way to explore the area and all the aforementioned villages are well worth visiting however you choose to get there!