The iconic mountain beckons all cyclists, the giant of Provence stands 1909 metres, today as I rode up I met a gentleman celebrating his 70th birthday and telling me it was on his bucket list!

Below looking at Ventoux from Flassan which is a good place to park for the Bédoin climb

There are three routes up

The easiest is from Sault, at abt 780 metres, taking you to the top with the option to stop at Chalet Reynard.

Bédoin is favoured by the Tour de France starting at abt 400 metres , rising over 15 kilomètres to 1450 at chalet Reynard and then onto the top, a further 459 metres over 6 kilometers.

Malaucene is the third option, steep and on the north side with no break at chalet Reynard- it feels pretty relentless to me!

Below – there are some shady parts as you climb from Bédoin

I have accompanied quite a few of our guests to the summit over the last three years which is very rewarding – and enjoyable (?). Always happy to give tips and advice remembering that I’m still quite a novice!

An enticing glimpse of the summit

Chalet Reynard has a good restaurant and is an ideal rest spot whether on your way up or down!

Tired but happy cyclists and walkers

My 17th time at the top.